What Made You Choose Lance?

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What Made You Choose Lance?

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Here's one for the group that I never asked anyone before when I was in: what made you choose to become a Lance Missile Crewman? Was it the job itself as it was described to you by the recruiter (and were they pushing it?), was it the chance to go overseas, was it the short enlistment time and short A.I.T.? Or something totally different?

Me, I was told there were a few basic MOS's to choose from for the two year enlistment. Before I made a long commitment to being in the Army, I wanted to go in for the minimum; I could always re-enlist once I saw what it was really about, if I wanted to stay in. If it was going to be hell, better two years of hell than three or four. My cousin signed up for four years with the Marines, and he spent a heck of a long time counting down the months and days left. He didn't hate it, but he didn't want to make a career of it, so that's a long time to wait to move on with your life.

Of the choices (cook, driver, grunt, Lance), Lance was the most interesting, and the one that didn't sound mundane when you told others about what you'd be doing. "You're working with ballistic missiles? Whoa." Also, being that the duty stations were Korea (one year there, not the whole enlistment), Oklahoma, or Germany, I figured my chances of getting to Europe were pretty good, and I did get stationed in Aschaffenburg.

And that's why I chose 13N.
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Re: What Made You Choose Lance?

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I chose a medic at first but was told I didn't score high enough on the ASVAB. Doesn't make sense since that was my MOS in the NG after active duty. Anyways, the Lance recruiting video looked interesting--and the $4,000 bonus.
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Re: What Made You Choose Lance?

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I too wanted the two-year enlistment period, so that narrowed the MOS options down right there. Then, at the recruiting office, they showed a bunch of short videos showing various jobs.

I recall seeing the 13B video, which of course they tried to make look super glamorous, and thinking "I bet those damn shells are HEAVY."

Next video up was 13N, showing the hydraulic crane lifting the round, and I said "THAT is the job for me!"

I also leveraged that experience when I got out into the real world and started looking for a real job: "Look, the president trusted me with some of his nuclear (capable) missiles, so I think I can handle the pressures of this position." Seemed to work pretty well.

Hope everyone is doing well. Life is good amigos!

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Re: What Made You Choose Lance?

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I choose lance because the recruiter said I would work on the sophisticated computer sytem that guides the lance missile system. Plus the bunus was a good temptation.

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Re: What Made You Choose Lance?

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I chose to become a lance missle crewman because of the bonus and the chance to go to Germany( I Love BEER ). also I thought that I might get a chance to actualy blow somthing up, Which I did so the US Army did not lie to get me to serve. I really enjoyed my time in the service. Proud to be a VET.
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Re: What Made You Choose Lance?

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I was one of those prior service people....my first tour I was in what was called a STRAC unit....we were ALWAYS on call and were already on flight line before the shit hit the fan....made for a real tough personal life (I was married) to always be going into the REAL deal.... My old unit was trained for jungle/amphibious/air assault/airborne...wanted to get away from it but they wouldn't let me....so ETSed and then went back in....but as prior service the limit your choices....LANCE was the actually the least combat orientated choice of the choices....I was glad that I was in LANCE and really enjoyed my time and meet alot of GREAT people....also met a few idiot commissioned officers at my second last duty station that thought they were commandos or something...they always made me almost laugh at their antics....
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Re: What Made You Choose Lance?

Post by Steve »

No real reason other than the recruiter suggested it. The bonus helped out a bit as well. I simply had no idea what I was getting into.

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