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What is Netflix Turnaround Time?

Calculate your actual turnaround time

Netflix turnaround time is the time between dropping off a Netflix rental in the mail and receiving a replacement for that rental in your mailbox.

How Many Movies Did I Rent Last Month?

Netflix lists how many movies your rented in the past 30 days.  I use that number when calculating my movies per month.  You can find this by:

  1. On Netflix's web site click "Your Account"
  2. In the "Rental Activity" menu click "View All"
  3. Scroll down to the section "Movies You've Returned" and count each movie in the "Last 30 Days" section

How It Works

Netflix says it loses money on customers who are paying less than $2.00 per rental*.  When this occurs Netflix most likely punishes them by 1) slowing down their rental shipments,  2) reporting returned rentals as received days later than they actually were, and 3) giving them lowest priority for movies in high demand.  There's also a high probability that Netflix considers a customer's rental history when determining punishment.  A customer who is currently costing Netflix money and has a history of unprofitably is likely to receive severe punishment.

This calculator takes into account how many movies you will rent, how many movies you have rented, and your membership plan when determining your punishment, if any.  As long as you pay more than $2.00 per rental, Netflix will provide you with timely service. Of course, Netflix can change this practice at any time to suit its needs.


How Netflix Throttles
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Arguments have started over Netflix supposedly "throttling" customers who rent too many DVDs.  Netflix shareholders say, "That's not true!  How could busy Netflix take the time to labor over records just to single YOU out."  Answer:  Netflix employees don't have to get their hands dirty; computer programs do the job.  This is my example of how Netflix uses programming to punish customers who rent too many DVDs.

In theory, I should be able to receive as many as 88 Netflix movies per month since Netflix boasts same day turnaround in some cases.  However, the most rentals Netflix has ever sent me is 40 per month (8-at-a-time plan).  Think twice before being lured by advertisement promising "unlimited rentals" and "Rent as many DVDs as you want."  It's a come-on for service you'll never get.

*As reported by Netflix in their 2003 1st Quarter Conference Call.

Program Written by M. Villanueva 
November 28, 2004
Last update: September 10, 2007 (version 1.4)

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