Old Message Board Has Moved

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Old Message Board Has Moved

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The old message board has been taken down and archived. You can still read it except it's at a new location:


I've added a search feature to help find messages you're interested in. The messages themselves were copy and pasted from the old board however the names and dates were typed so there may be typos. If the person mistyped their name I copied it exactly (for the most part). I chose to omit emails because of the additional time involved. Contact me if you need an email from the old message board.

The old board was removed for several reasons. First, the message board was being spammed relentlessly--only recently. Second, many members wrote me saying they could not post messages. This may have been a firewall issue based on my personal experience. Third, the old message board sometimes had "hiccups" when someone tried to post a message causing duplicate/triplicate entries. Unfortunately, the old message board cannot be updated. Members will now be required to log in before posting. This will help prevent spam.

When I originally added the message board I had no idea so many people would use it. I'm glad people were able to meet up again. :wink:
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Re: Old Message Board Has Moved

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I like the changes youv'e made and APPRECIATE all the hard work you have put in to this project. There are times when it is nice to be able to look back, and I am always hoping to recognize a name with a new posting. I recently lost an old military friend to cancer, and wish we had been able to keep in better contact as he was a major force in my life (in the Military) as only those who served can appreciate. Once again thank you for all of your dedication and effort to reunite old friends and old memories.