What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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My name is Les Couey

I started out in Lance as a 15 D and then the migration to 13 N when it came around, nice to see that I am not the only one who remembers those days.
I spent 10 yrs doing the different jobs in the different locations that I went to. Must of held them all except as a RT operator. I was fun for the most
part and you could not find better people anywhere in the world. Hope to meet some old friends and make some new ones on here.
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Re: What Was Your MOS & Duty Station?

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Was an 82C, spent two years at Fort Bragg with towed M198s, two years as a civilian but didn't get my act together, then three years in Germany with Lance units at A-burg (3/12) and Hanau (1-32).
Left Germany for Fort Stewart in 91, 92 time frame (it's all a blur), ets'd and went to school then on into another career.

As much fun as I have now, still miss the Army days (my wife don't understand it) and I do stay in infrequent touch with some of those I served with -- but I have lost connections with too many folks.
And with that said, does anyone remember a SSG Hardy? He was a survey chief with C Battery, 3/12 in A-burg before it drew down and folded into 1/32? Hardy stuttered, drank copious amounts of cognac and was one of the greatest people I ever knew, along with 1SG Loya, etc.

Ah well. Great site. Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce. It was great reading these posts.