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Suspicion Surrounding Supposed "Reunion"

Posted: 11 Oct 2007 19:38
by manuel
I'm am still reading through the old message board. Forgive me if I'm wrong, yet I have growing suspicion the reunion that supposedly occurred was a hoax. For starters, although the suggestion of a reunion was mentioned previously, another post was started on February 13, 2006 which coincides with my mention in national news. My complaints of a certain company appeared everywhere including CNN. Ever since I started complaining about that company my Web site has been toyed with -- I don't even know where to begin although I will mention my email here at has been spammed into oblivion.

Second, there was an unusual number of posts on that thread; some occurring within minutes of each other. Not to say it couldn't happen. But the number of those occurrences was unusual. Third, I never emailed yet I received messages from them. Fourth, it appears visitors were rerouted to another site, now defunct, to give their "contact information." Lastly, there's no evidence the reunion ever occurred. Surely, there should be discussion, pictures, etcetera surrounding the event. I have growing suspicion this was just an attempt gather your personal information. Again, forgive me if I'm wrong--I do think the idea of a reunion is a good idea. For this reason, I suggest members use caution divulging their email and other personal information.

I'm halfway through archiving the old message board. I'll be sure to post more information about this.

Suspicion Surrounding Supposed "Reunion"

Posted: 14 Oct 2007 22:22
by mts
I remember e-mailing someone from that contact group asking to buy a Lance t-shirt, and I was told that none were printed, since there was no reunion this time. I just checked my e-mail program, and I didn't save the message or the response, unfortunately.

Any event I've ever been to, even if it was a humble local chat room meet-up at a cyber cafe, had a flurry of people posting stuff to the BBS about the experience, including photos. I agree that it would be totally strange for a 40 person reunion to happen and have no one speak of it.

Maybe if we did it through some online venue like instead of privately, we can better protect people's identity and safety. I don't know.

Re: Suspicion Surrounding Supposed "Reunion"

Posted: 15 Oct 2007 03:07
by manuel
mts wrote:Maybe if we did it through some online venue like instead of privately, we can better protect people's identity and safety. I don't know.
That's an idea worth looking in to. At the least, any planned reunions from this site must meet my approval.

Posted: 15 Oct 2007 22:25
by Travis Bennett
The reunion happened. T shirts were not printed because not enough were ordered. People who paid for the shirts were reimbursed.


Posted: 15 Oct 2007 22:38
by John P. Lamphere
Hi I sure think that was a reunion I drove to in Fort Sill, Ok. It took place I think July 2nd 2006. I live in northern Michigan so I looked into it before I went. We said at that time we will have one every two years so look for one in 2008. We had about 25-30 people show up at a local sports bar and the next day they had a picnic but I had to get back for my sons wedding. Trust me I was there.

Re: Reunion

Posted: 16 Oct 2007 10:13
by manuel
John P. Lamphere wrote:Trust me I was there.
Travis Bennett wrote:The reunion happened.
I would love to believe it happened. I still find it hard to believe 40 plus veterans, not including their guests, would not post pictures or reminisce about the event on the Internet. Neither of you knows who went?

Posted: 16 Oct 2007 16:53
by Travis Bennett
Names I remember that showed up

Kenneth Cole, Steve Sayer, John Williams, Diana Boyd, Anne Baker, CSM High, Tom Franzwa, John Lamphere, Shirley Dismuke. Im not sure who took the sign in roster after it was over.

Posted: 16 Oct 2007 16:54
by Travis Bennett
John Williams kind of took the lead on the reunion, he might be the one to contact.

Posted: 17 Oct 2007 18:11
by manuel
Travis Bennett wrote:John Williams kind of took the lead on the reunion, he might be the one to contact.
I did email John Williams. That's what raised my suspicion in the first place. I have no objections to polling member's interest in a reunion however any planning and implementation on this site must meet the approval of myself and those interested. Soliciting members' emails is a no go.

Posted: 19 Oct 2007 08:00
by Travis Bennett
I have decided not to try and head up a possible reunion at White Sands, don't want to cause any friction.

Posted: 21 Oct 2007 09:38
by manuel
Travis Bennett wrote:I have decided not to try and head up a possible reunion at White Sands, don't want to cause any friction.
I won't discourage someone interested in organizing a reunion. I think it would be beneficial for everyone to hear the proposed plan details first; reunion location, activities, and arrangements. Once the plan is presented, members can give their input (i.e. questions, suggestions) and indicate their interest in attending. Determining the best method for gathering member's information (i.e. names, emails, phone numbers) can take place later.


Posted: 23 Oct 2007 02:41
by manuel
First, I would like to offer apologies to T. Bennett and J. Lamphere. It appears I over reacted in believing the reunion was a hoax. I should have kept myself informed on the event (which I didn't). I've read and reread messages on the old board which leads be to believe I've made a mistake (yes, I feel stupid).

I have not kept up with the message board. I looked at it one day and saw it had been spammed. I do get lots of hate mail--not from prior servicemen but from others who don't approve of non-military stuff on this site. These people also take every opportunity to screw with the site. That's why I was suspicious and overprotective.


Posted: 23 Oct 2007 16:37
by Mark M
Is the reunion at white sands a possibilty or is it off the table?


Posted: 17 Dec 2007 14:53
by Morales.Luis
My opinion is that if there is going to be one it should be at the original location (Ft Sill) That way it is in a central location and accessible to all. Each of you that has was in the Field Artillery has thing in common. That at one point in our life we were there. I have been back twice since I left in 1980. And every time I return I enjoy looking for those old places we used to gather to wet our guts. So I recommend that if there is going to be a reunion, it be held at Ft. Sill. Lets show the Field Artillery that we still have Artillery Blood.



Posted: 27 Dec 2007 22:30
by Billk
If there is any info anyone has on a reunion please let me know I would like to attend