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Board possibly closing

Posted: 19 May 2009 13:16
by manuel
Our old board seemed to be doing very well several years ago. That's not the case now. For whatever reason, there's trolls driving people away and dealing with them has been a losing battle. I think most of the legitimate people interested in our forum have left. I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I think archiving the board is the best solution.

Re: Board possibly closing

Posted: 28 May 2009 00:56
by Bob Vogt
Manuel, No matter what you decide thank you for the time you put in and for the great times I have found several buddys from my old unit. I hope the forum stays but I can understand the problems with have somthing like this. I hope you don't close this forum but what ever you do Thank You for your time and efforts in putting this here. Bob Vogt

Re: Board possibly closing

Posted: 09 Jun 2009 22:42
by mts
Thanks for hosting the forum! I didn't see it to be a very active place, just one where every once in a blue moon, someone would happen upon it. After all, Lance has been gone for nearly 18 years, so it's more of an historical thing than an active one, and once someone checks out what's on the web from something from their past, I don't see them coming back regularly. Hence the flurry in the old board, but the lack of continued follow-up.

I don't know what happens behind the scenes, but if the spam and all are too much, I can see shutting it down, maybe opening a Yahoo group or or something instead of self-hosting. But your work is much appreciated, for it is a tribute to a tiny bit of what helped us win the Cold War, and the people who were a part of that!