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8th USAFAD 1978-1981

Posted: 08 Feb 2009 13:41
by Waybar4ev
Hello anyone out there who was at the 8th USAFAD during 1978 and 1981. My name is Wayne Gueltzow, I was one of the cooks. I have been in contact with several buddies from that era and would like to find more. All help would be appreciated. I do know we had a 1st Sgt Allen who I would love to find. Again any help and please drop me a line.

Gueltzow, Wayne

Re: 8th USAFAD 1978-1981

Posted: 10 Mar 2009 17:25
by Meks
I know my older brother Pete (Piet Smit) worked there during those years As KP.

but I think you already keep in touch. I still remember the american soldiers that had an apartment across the street from my parents house. what I remember best was I think Your Toyota Pick-up truck, sand colored, lift kit, it was a SR5. or am i wrong?
there are three names i remember from back then, Rick spitler, wayne Gueltzow and David Carpenter.

But hey I was a kid not old enough to keep my own pants up. so yeah you guys made an impression on me.

as it turned out I also worked at the 8th late eighties, early nineties, also KP
and yes i still like pickup trucks. sadly dutch tax laws make them to expensive for me nowadays.

Thanx for what you did and how you influenced me,

Wouter Smit
Pete's little redhaired brother

Re: 8th USAFAD 1978-1981

Posted: 10 Mar 2009 22:12
by Waybar4ev
Hello Wouter, Yes I remember you and yes I do keep in touch with your brother. Your mother and father were the greatest people anyone would want to know. I was very proud to be there friend; they always looked out for me, not to mention your mother can cook. No I didn't have the pick up but I did have a lot of cars so I can understand the mix up. Tell your mom hello and that I miss her. I think of her and your dad a lot when I am reminiscing. Good to here from you.