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2/42 from 79-82 Time frame

Posted: 23 Nov 2008 19:02
by arapaho
Anybody out there that served at the "Sheim" during that time?

Re: 2/42 from 79-82 Time frame

Posted: 04 Dec 2008 15:02
by snake pvt hulin
hay my name is Frankie Ray,
army name pvt raymond f hulin. aka snake lol
i was in the cryin shame 79-81
hq co 2nd 42 fa i was communications o5c10
my sargent was margerate kershner, my roomate was ronald tim patterson. sargent largent was the first sargent
i spoke to col van horn through email the other day. man what a mind blow that was.
greg webb, kathy napolotino, sgt kemp were others in my unit. tatoo dave was acrosst the street and well we all got our tattoos there.
there was a guy we all called slope head cant remember his name.
but daaaaam we had some fun.
i have some picts i found online of people outside the barracks and well diffrent shots of the kassern
most of the time we went up to the rose night club in feutchwangen. to party.

man i have been looking for people from that time who is this. what was your unit?
im an actor in Hollywood now. you can find me on imdb Frankie ray (I)
i do allot of commercials. the latest ones are sprint what if roadies ran the world
or you can find some of them on you tube hollywoodbadguy1.
my email is
face book is hollywoodbadguy1
myspace is the same.

Re: 2/42 from 79-82 Time frame

Posted: 09 Dec 2008 19:18
by arapaho
My name is John Pace, I was in B-Btry the whole time I was there. Got there in June 79 and left in Sept 82. Yeah those were some good times although I remember not always thinking so then lol. I had several 1SG's, 1SG Noland, Dewald, King, Valentine and a couple more of which I cannot remember their names at the moment. We had Captain Hughes and Captain Holland as BC's most of the time I was there, maybe one more.

Yeah, I remember LTC Van Horn, CSM Hewitt and all those Battalion runs. Remember we had to cut the fatigue pants off and make shorts out of them :). I remember the jeep incident lol and would probably remember you if I saw you but not by name. I stayed on in and retired as a SFC but of all my assignments I remember that one the most and enjoyed the times there.

I remember Marg Kershner, one of the best looking females there and the good ole Rose lol. Send me Col Van Horns email address if you would, you can email me

Good to hear from a fellow "Nukem till they Glow" Lancer.