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1/333 Fa

Posted: 05 Jul 2008 17:32
by Melinda Kruger
I was stationed at Camp Pieri from 1982-1986 and met all kinds of neat people. When I was up for re-enlistment I choose to go into a different direction than the now obsolete Lance or the MLRS venture. I went into the NBC field where I met my current husband of 21 years. But I never forgot the begining of my Army career at Camp Pieri, Germany.

Re: 1/333 Fa

Posted: 20 Nov 2008 07:17
by KennyG1961
Hello Melinda,

I don't know if you remember me. I was your section chief in A battery 2nd Fire. I was then SSG Gove and I am now SFC (Ret) Gove. I retired in Feb 2000 and now work as a City Mail Carrier for the U.S. Postal Service in southern Louisiana. How has life been treating you? I am about to take the marital plunge for the 3rd and last time (whether it works or not) . Let me know how you are. Hope to hear from you.....Ken

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Posted: 11 Dec 2008 21:35
by creteman
Hi, it's LT/CPT Mike Hall. I saw your pictures on classmates, just don't like writing on those forums much. I think you remember me, I was in SVC and latter A Battery and BN Staff, 81-84.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2009 23:32
by EdGaunt
Hi all,
I was part of the conversion package sent to Europe in 1973 to convert the Sergeant and Honest John units to Lance, after training at Ft. Sill and WSMR from late 72 to Spring 73. We had a team of 23 officers and NCOs that came to Europe in April of 73. We converted the 5/77 at Camp Pieri from Sergeant to Lance and the unit was redesignated as the 1/333 during the summer of 73. We got the unit certified in Sept 73. After that, we assisted with the conversion of the other 5 units in FRG. 2/42 at Giessen was the second unit converted, then the 3/79. I have forgotten the order the remaining units were converted (it's only been >30 years!).

I looked on Google Maps recently and Camp Pieri is now a subdivision (here are the coordinates in case you have forgotten: 50 deg, 03' 54.87" N and 8 deg 11' 11.13" E).

LTC Holland was the Bn commander and Maj Price was the XO. HHQ Btry CO was Cpt Gary Wade, A Btry CO was Cpt Shel Alsup, (Cant remember B, and C Btry.) Svc Btry Co was Cpt Glen Dunham. CPT Ross Porter was S-3. I served as A Btry 1st Plt Leader, B Btry FDO and Bn FDO. Was there until Dec 1976. Other folks I remember SFC Tommy Isham, SFC Gene Lewis, Sgt "Soupy" Sales, Moose (the civilian who ran the mess hall).

Other platoon leaders were Dave Vance, Chet Wingate, Steve Plott, Joe Adams, Al Barlow, Rick Smith, Phil Taylor, Dwight Danielson, and Terry Johnson. Marty Abeyta was our civilian Tech Rep.

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Posted: 03 Apr 2009 11:01
by mikman
hey i was in hhb/1/333 sept 85-sept 86. i was sp4 mike Fagan iwas in the room either next to you or 2 doors down from you melinda,in 86. hallwaks and chrissy norris were right across the hall from me and rick aurand ,there was hole in the wall right outside the st uck in my mind for something you said when i first arrived,cant say what it was ,kinda graphic. i remember ssg neckerman,pv-2-3 phil vannoyin supply/armorer,sp4 david craig,sp4 aurand sgt gregory sgt cadman the guitar player,sp4 barnes,those were good times hangin out at the hilltop or the little bowling alley.what i really miss most are the food and the beer by the litre.