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by dennis miller
16 Sep 2008 12:46
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Topic: What Made You Choose Lance?
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Re: What Made You Choose Lance?

I was one of those prior service first tour I was in what was called a STRAC unit....we were ALWAYS on call and were already on flight line before the shit hit the fan....made for a real tough personal life (I was married) to always be going into the REAL deal.... My old unit was traine...
by dennis miller
24 Apr 2008 08:16
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Topic: Old Message Board Has Moved
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Re: Old Message Board Has Moved

I like the changes youv'e made and APPRECIATE all the hard work you have put in to this project. There are times when it is nice to be able to look back, and I am always hoping to recognize a name with a new posting. I recently lost an old military friend to cancer, and wish we had been able to keep...