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by pusherman
22 Jan 2009 18:40
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Topic: nicknames we earned while in the army
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Re: nicknames we earned while in the army

I was called "Pusherman." My first day with Bravo 1/32 was a Battery party in one of the gardenplatzes on post. There was a song by Steppenwolf somebody played and SFC Quiroga and SSG Martinez pointed at me and said, "That's the Pusherman!" After that, I was never called "Pr...
by pusherman
22 Jan 2009 17:51
Forum: 1st Bn 32nd FA LANCE (Proud Americans)
Topic: Bye bye hanau milcom
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Re: Bye bye hanau milcom

Very sorry to hear this. I mistakenly thought Fliegerhorst was closed long ago. I was there from 1989-1991 and they were preparing even then to close the post. Separately, My second-to-last day was the ceremony moving 1/32 from 41st FA Bde to 3rd Armor. I was notified after I got home that 1/32 was ...