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by james mc cartney
04 Mar 2009 08:23
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Topic: nuke em till they glow 2nd 42 cryin sham
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Re: nuke em till they glow 2nd 42 cryin sham

Hey snake, how you doing? I was in Crailsheim from early 83 to 85 and I remember Col. Van Horn. Ltc. Mullet took over for him in 83. I spent my first year in service batt. and then transfered to A-battery for my second year. The Battallion phrase "nuke em till they glow" was changed to &qu...
by james mc cartney
29 Dec 2008 02:18
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Topic: 2/42 F.A. Crailsheim
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2/42 F.A. Crailsheim

I was stationed in Crailsheim 2/42 F.A. from Oct. 83 - Oct. 85 and then 6/33 F.A. Ft. Sill Oct. 85 - June 87. Anybody knowing anybody from these units please contact me at (574)721-0654 or E-mail me at jmccartney43 @Ivytechedu.