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by mts
09 Jun 2009 22:42
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Topic: Board possibly closing
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Re: Board possibly closing

Thanks for hosting the forum! I didn't see it to be a very active place, just one where every once in a blue moon, someone would happen upon it. After all, Lance has been gone for nearly 18 years, so it's more of an historical thing than an active one, and once someone checks out what's on the web f...
by mts
31 May 2008 22:43
Forum: General
Topic: What Made You Choose Lance?
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What Made You Choose Lance?

Here's one for the group that I never asked anyone before when I was in: what made you choose to become a Lance Missile Crewman? Was it the job itself as it was described to you by the recruiter (and were they pushing it?), was it the chance to go overseas, was it the short enlistment time and short...
by mts
14 Oct 2007 22:22
Forum: Planned Reunions
Topic: Suspicion Surrounding Supposed "Reunion"
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Suspicion Surrounding Supposed "Reunion"

I remember e-mailing someone from that contact group asking to buy a Lance t-shirt, and I was told that none were printed, since there was no reunion this time. I just checked my e-mail program, and I didn't save the message or the response, unfortunately. Any event I've ever been to, even if it was...