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Welcome to Gabby's Page. Gabby was my pedigreed buff and white male American cocker spaniel. Gabby lived to be 15 years old. Sadly, Gabby passed away November 18, 2009. His parents are from Southern Michigan ( click here to see his family tree ). He loved going on walks, chasing squirrels and bunnies, squeaky toys, and playing in water sprinklers during summer or playing in the snow during winter. His favorite foods were roast beef and chicken. Did I mention Gabby was the cutest dog in the world?

Look below.  You can find all of Gabby's pictures here, including his puppy pictures.  Learn why dogs roll in poop or see Gabby's top 10 cocker spaniel web sites.  Of course, Gabby's daddy has to gloat because Gabby is the #1 cocker spaniel on Google's directory.



 pictures of gabby!

New Pictures!

Gabby's new pictures for July 2007 are posted.  It's been a long time waiting.

click to see pictures!

All Gabby's past web pages are here starting with May 2000.  Plenty of pictures to see, 182 so far.


 videos of gabby!

Click to watch movies!

Gabby makes his motion picture debut!  Finally, Gabby's sprinkler attack is captured on film!

Gabby chasing squirrels
Artwork by Vic Lockman
Copyright 2002 Manuel Villanueva. All rights reserved

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Gabby's Canine Communicator -- Just have your dog bark into your PC and Gabby will translate it into words.

MK Gabby -- just for laughs, a spoof on the movie/video game Mortal Kombat.

Terminator Gabby -- more laughs, spoofing Terminator 2

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Tips on making your own pet home page -- Get tips on making your own pet home page on the internet.  Learn how to make your home page load fast!  Includes a download time calculator.

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