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Netflix has recently settled in a class-action lawsuit accusing them of delaying subscriber rentals.  Netflix denied such a practice until late 2005.  This calculator informs subscribers if Netflix has intentionally delayed (throttled) their rental shipments.


  1. Select the number of days in the month in question. (online calendar)
  2. Select the number of Sundays and Saturdays occurring in same month.
  3. Select the number of postal holidays occurring in same month. (schedule)
  4. Select Netflix plan.
  5. Select the number of business days it takes rentals to arrive from your closest Netflix distribution center.  The US Postal Service web site can calculate this for you:  Just enter the zip codes of your residence and your local Netflix distribution center.  Be sure to select "envelope" instead of "package."
  6. Select the number of average business days you will keep your rentals.
  7. Enter the number of rentals you received during the month in question.  To obtain this information click "Your Account" on the Netflix website then click "Rental Activity."

How Does Netflix Throttle?

  1. Netflix misinforms subscribers when rentals are received.  When you live 1 business day away from Netflix your rentals should arrive at Netflix in 1 business day-not 2 to 3 business days later!  In reality, Netflix receives your rental in 1 business day and rents it out to other subscribers however Netflix informs you your rental was received 2-3 business days later. 
  2. Netflix will not ship out rentals the same day they receive them.  Rentals appear in your queue as shipping tomorrow or the day after.
  3. Netflix ships your rentals from across country instead of your local distribution center effectively doubling or tripling shipping times.  The addresses on these envelopes sends it back across country doubling or tripling shipping times again.
  4. Netflix waits until the end of the day to ship out your rentals.  This insures the post office will be unable to process your rentals until the next business day.

How Netflix Throttles


  1. 1-day shipping
  2. 2-day shipping
  3. 3-day shipping
  4. 1-day shipping/keep 1 day
  5. 1-day shipping/keep 2 days
  6. 2-day shipping/keep 1 day
  7. 3-day shipping/keep 1 day

Have You Been Throttled?

If you are a Netflix subscriber and have experienced throttling please contact an attorney

Note:  This calculator has been designed for use with Netflix only.

Program written 6/8/06
Updated 6/9/06

2006 m. villanueva

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