Mike Kaltschnee's Biased Comments

Nothing More To Add: I Hate Blockbuster.com   1   8/26/2005  
Blockbuster Testing $27.99 Movie Pass Pricing   1   8/25/2005 financial difficulties
Blockbuster Settlement Coupons   1   8/24/2005  
WSJ on Blockbuster Stock   1   8/23/2005 flawed businesses
Movie Gallery CEO on Netflix & Blockbuster Online   1   8/18/2005 spending more than $100 million on Blockbuster Online to catch up to Netflix
Blockbuster Store Shipments 1     8/17/2005 great idea
Forbes on Blockbuster and Netflix   1   8/15/2005 Antioco Vows Blockbuster Profit As Shares Dip
We're Winning the Netflix & Blockbuster War   1   8/15/2005  
Blockbuster Movies Are Expensive   1   8/11/2005  
Netflix vs. Blockbuster -- Who's Better?     1 8/11/2005  
Blockbuster Offers Free Previously Viewed Movie to Subscribers     1 8/10/2005  
How to Cancel Your Netflix or Blockbuster Service     1 8/10/2005  
More Blockbuster Security Problems   1      
Blockbuster Raises Prices, Loses $, Hits 1 Million Subs, & More   1   8/10/2005  
Blockbuster Earnings Call Tomorrow     1 8/8/2005  
Blockbuster: "Uncertainty for Balance of Year"   1   8/3/2005 long-term debt
Blockbuster Online Shipping From Stores?     1 8/2/2005  
Death of a Blockbuster Store   1   7/20/2005 small video stores closed down or sold out on the rumor of a Blockbuster store
Early Blockbuster Online / Store Integration     1 7/14/2005 a bit buggy
Update on Blockbuster Online in the Chicago Area     1 7/8/2005 This could be because I'm a trial customer
Blockbuster, Movie Gallery Stocks Downgraded   1   7/8/2005  
Blockbuster Online Security Problem?   1   7/7/2005  
How is Blockbuster Online Doing?   1     I'm still getting better turnaround from Netflix
Blockbuster Promotion Benefits Boys & Girls Clubs of America 1     6/29/2005  
Blockbuster Price Increase Coming?     1 6/28/2005  
Blockbuster Testing Stores as Mini-Distribution Centers     1 6/26/2005  
Newsweek: Rewinding a Video Giant   1   6/20/2005 [Blockbuster] "is getting nibbled away at from all sides."
Blockbuster Adds "Exclusive" Movie Section 1     6/15/2005 an excellent way for Blockbuster to attract the film buffs
Blockbuster to Rent Sony PSP UMD Movies     1 6/13/2005  
Improving the Blockbuster Brand     1 6/10/2005  
Blockbuster Adds 8 New Shipping Centers & Now Has 40,000 Titles     1 6/8/2005  
Netflix Declares Ad War on Blockbuster     1 6/8/2005  
Blockbuster Developing Movie Download Service     1 6/2/2005  
Blockbuster Sends Online Bonus Movies for Mistake 1     5/26/2005 excellent customer service
Hollywood Reporter: Blockbuster Turns 20   1   5/25/2005 Blockbuster bled red for a third consecutive year
Blockbuster CEO Sells 11% of Shares   1   5/24/2005 Click here for more on shady corporate dealings
Blockbuster Envelope Shows Movie Title   1   5/20/2005 This worries me...
Blockbuster Bribes Walmart & Netflix Customers   1   5/20/2005  
Blockbuster Testing $17.99 Pricing   1   5/19/2005 they could raise prices for new subscribers
Blockbuster Executive Raises Poorly Timed   1   5/19/2005  
Hollywood Founder to Buy Blockbuster?!     1 5/18/2005  
CNN/Money: Ousted Blockbuster Chairman Comes Back     1 5/16/2005  
Ohio.com: Blockbuster Testing Integrated Online and Store Service Soon   1   5/16/2005 frustrated with the lack of availability
Blockbuster Cash Flow Problem Looming?   1   5/13/2005  
Blockbuster Free Year Promo Mistake   1   5/13/2005  
Blockbuster to Carry Playstation Portable Games     1 5/12/2005  
Icahn Wins By Landslide; Antioco's Future Uncertain     1 5/12/2005  
Blockbuster Shareholder Meeting on Wednesday   1     Blockbuster and Icahn locked in a nasty proxy fight
Blockbuster Customer Service Warns Customer   1   5/9/2005  
SmartMoney: Blockbuster Expected to Report Dismal Quarter   1   5/5/2005  
Blockbuster Envelope Error?   1   4/28/2005  
Blockbuster Antagonist Carl Icahn Background Story   1   4/27/2005 Blockbuster made a "grave error"
Blockbuster Queue Problems?   1   4/26/2005  
Blockbuster Facing Possible $10 Million Overtime Lawsuit   1   4/22/2005  
Enron & Blockbuster Video-On-Demand Trial   1   4/21/2005 The Blockbuster deal flopped
Blockbuster Not Charging Some Subscribers?   1   4/21/2005 Hmm, would this be away to inflate subscriber numbers
Icahn Fires Back: Blockbuster Should Be Sold   1   4/20/2005  
Blockbuster Press Release: Antioco Responds to Icahn   1   4/19/2005 Carl Icahn's attempt to wreck havok at Blockbuster.
Torn Envelopes & Wrong Movies   1   4/18/2005 blockbuster has been shipped me the wrong dvd at least three times
Blockbuster Running Friends & Family Free Month Promotion     1 4/13/2005  
Blockbuster Online: Free Month if You Try to Cancel   1     service has started getting slower and the number of available movies continues to dwindle
Forbes: Don't Write Blockbuster Off Yet...       4/11/2005  
Blockbuster Stores Are Having Movie Availability Problems   1   4/8/2005  
Extra Movies in Blockbuster Queues?     1 4/8/2005  
Blockbuster Queue Order Shipment Problem   1   4/8/2005  
Icahn Wants New Blockbuster Board of Directors   1   4/7/2005 you are on a 'spending spree' with your shareholders' money,"
Followup on the NY Times DVD-by-Mail Story   1   4/7/2005 If you rent between Thursday and Monday [at Blockbuster], there are absolutely no new movies available to rent.
Blockbuster Online/Store Integration Soon?     1 4/6/2005  
Blockbuster CEO Made $50 Million Last Year   1   4/4/2005 he did give up $750k so he could share in the pain of more than 200 employees being laid off
F-Stop Blues Reviews Netflix, Blockbuster, Walmart & Peerflix     1 4/4/2005  
WSJ: Blockbuster Layoffs   1   4/1/2005  
New York Times on DVD by Mail   1   3/31/2005 it's as though [Blockbuster] is reimbursing you for tolerating its start-up glitches.
Blockbuster Shipping Extra Movies?     1 3/30/2005  
Blockbuster Settles "No More Late Fees" Investigation for $630,000; Refunds Customers   1   4/30/2005  
TheStreet.com: Fans Still Back Blockbuster     1 4/29/2005  
Movie Availability at Netflix & Blockbuster Online   1   4/28/2005 I think it is EXTREMELY important to point out that of all the 50 movies I placed in my Blockbuster queue, every single title was available on Netflix and EVERY SINGLE title was listed as "available now."
Blockbuster Customer Service 800#     1 3/26/2005  
Blockbuster Halts Hollywood Hostility     1 3/25/2005  
Blockbuster Moviefone Partnership 1       This is a great partnership for Blockbuster
Fool.com: Is Blockbuster Really In It to Win?   1   3/24/2005 Why Blockbuster would try its hand at fine-print introductory-rate advertising with the New Jersey attorney general hounding it for its deceptive "no more late fees" campaign is beyond me.
Blockbuster / Hollywood Soap Opera Continues   1   3/23/2005 Will the FTC step in to prevent a monopoly in a declining business?
Interesting Netflix vs. Blockbuster Comparison   1   3/22/2005 Third – and the biggest complaint of all – many of the movies I want to see are not available right now.
Miami Herald: Blockbuster CEO Gives up $750k     1 3/21/2005  
WSJ: FTC to Sue to Stop Blockbuster Hollywood Buy   1   3/18/2005  
Netflix Now Has 35,000 Movies... Blockbuster?     1 3/16/2005  
Blockbuster Layoffs Expected   1   3/11/2005  
Blockbuster Online Hits 750,000 Subscribers, More 1     3/11/2005 I'm impressed that they added so many Blockbuster Online members so fast.
Interesting Rant about Netflix & Blockbuster   1   3/8/2005 I’m staying faithful to Netflix because they’ve never tried to stick me with a $70 bill for a movie I returned on time
Blockbuster Investor Webcasts     1 3/8/2005  
Blockbuster Settling "No More Late Fees" Investigation?   1   3/8/2005  
WSJ: Blockbuster's Bid Panned   1   3/7/2005 The FTC stopped short of saying Blockbuster's bid violated antitrust laws.
Blockbuster Shipping Movies on Sundays?     1 3/5/2005  
Blockbuster Online Adding 10,000 Subscribers Per Day     1 3/4/2005  
Blockbuster Lowers In-Store Unlimited Movie Rentals to $14.99 1     3/4/2005 The game pass is a great value since many games cost more than $50.
Blockbuster Movie Availability Problems?   1   3/2/2005  
Blockbuster Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend     1 2/26/2005  
Blockbuster Confirms Online & Store Integration     1 2/18/2005  
WSJ: FTC May Block Blockbuster Hostile Hollywood Offer   1   2/16/2005  
Update: 35 States Investigating Blockbuster   1   2/16/2005  
Blockbuster Late Fee Controversy   1   2/16/2005  
Blockbuster Reminder Calls     1 2/10/2005  
Blockbuster SuperBowl Commercial     1 2/7/2005  
BBB Rates Blockbuster "Unsatisfactory"   1   2/7/2005  
New Blockbuster 99 Cent Late Fee Policy 1     2/6/2005 This is a maor improvement
Netflix & Blockbuster Killing the Small Video Stores?     1 2/4/2005  
Blockbuster Makes Hostile Bid For Hollywood     1 2/3/2005  
Some Blockbuster Franchises Bring Back Late Fees   1   2/3/2005 it must be confusing for customers to find out that some stores are still charging fines for delinquency
More on the Blockbuster $9.99 Offer     1 1/26/2005  
Blockbuster Testing $9.99?     1 1/26/2005  
Rumor: Blockbuster Dropping VHS     1 1/23/2005  
Motley Fool: Blockbuster Playing Possum?     1 1/15/2005  
Blockbuster Loses Hollywood Video to Movie Gallery     1 1/11/2005  
New Blockbuster Distribution Center List     1 1/8/2005  
More Blockbuster Coupons     1 1/5/2005  
Reporter Tests Netflix, Blockbuster & Walmart   1     Netflix licks the competition in online DVD rentals
Free Blockbuster Rental...     1 12/31/2004  
Blockbuster Considering Hostile Takeover of Hollywood   1   12/30/2004 Blockbuster, unhappy that Hollywood Video is still considering their options, is putting the heat on and is threatening a hostile takeover.
Not All Blockbuster Stores Dropping Late Fees   1   12/30/2004  
Blockbuster Online as Low as $12.99 / Month     1 12/28/2004  
Netflix Will Not Match Blockbuster's New Price     1 12/23/2004  
Blockbuster & Netflix Merger?     1 12/23/2004  
Blockbuster Lowers Price to $14.99, More     1 12/22/2004  
More Info on Changes at Blockbuster     1 12/20/2004  
Hacking Blockbuster?     1 12/19/2004  
How Do Blockbuster Franchises Get Paid?     1 12/17/2004  
Source: Blockbuster To Raise Rental Prices to Offset Late Fees   1   12/17/2004  
More Info about Blockbuster's Plan To End Late Fees   1   12/17/2004 I'm not sure I like the idea of them taking my money after a week when they claim they've eliminated late fees.
Blockbuster Gets More Web Visitors Than Netflix in November   1   12/16/2004 Before Blockbuster can claim victory, we need to determine if they are real customers or just disgruntled shareholders, analysts and reporters:
Chicago: Netflix or Blockbuster?     1 12/15/2004  
WSJ Video Interview with Blockbuster CEO   1     He talks about the elimination of late fees (but forgets to mention the automatic purchase if you're really late)
Netflix & Blockbuster Are Hiring     1 12/14/2004  
Rumor: Blockbuster Dropping Late Fees?     1   Blockbuster has realized how much people have grown to hate them for the atrocious late fees they've levied over the years.  Excellent PR move.
NY Times Critical of Blockbuster CEO Compensation   1   11/30/2004  
Blockbuster Cranks Up The Holiday Marketing     1 11/24/2004  
Blockbuster #1 in the U.K. 1     11/21/2004  
Blockbuster Testing $14.99 Per Month     1 11/18/2004  
Blockbuster Offers $1 Billion for Hollywood Video     1 11/12/2004  
Interesting E-mail from Blockbuster       11/11/2004  
More on the Free Month Offer From Blockbuster   1   11/9/2004 This means that we will be counted as paying subscribers, and they can report a lower churn number. Nicely done.
Notes from Blockbuster CFO Investor Presentation     1 11/9/2004  
Am I being Too Hard on Blockbuster?     1 11/7/2004  
Blockbuster is Not an Internet Company   1     Blockbuster is making mistakes
Blockbuster Offers a Free Month if You Try to Cancel   1   11/5/2004 Now it gets funny.  I tried to click on the "Take Me to the Free Month Offer" button, and it didn't work (just to be sure I tried it on 2 different computers). I guess they really are having problems...
Interesting Comment on Competition & Branding   1   11/2/2004 Why is blockbuster even in online dvd rentals? Their core business that made them famous, is being knifed by movie gallery and hollywood video. Profits are shrinking quickly, and managements energy and resources focused on the online business will only hurt their core business.
Hollywood Video Hit Hard by Netflix & Blockbuster     1 11/1/2004  
  9 73 61 143  
  6.00% 51% 43%