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Thank you!

whatever from Canada wrote on June 26. 2006, 10:01:
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hblah blahi likeurdog

Pompit Sulit from Philippines wrote on June 8. 2006, 20:52:
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I'm 46 yrs. old, married, w/ a daughter and a son; the former just graduated from BSN, the latter, a third-grader. I'm taking up BSN currently (my second course), and I find the nurse calculators very useful. I've recommended your website to my classmates. We are unanimous: Your site is great, not only bec. of the nurse calculators, but also bec. of the "cocker spaniel" and "nuke" sections, as well as your writing style that impart a very human touch to it all.
Thank you and I hope you maintain this site forever!

Valerie Griffin from USA signed the guestbook on June 6. 2006, 00:11.
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onyeeze from Togo wrote on June 1. 2006, 11:17:
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i love this sit,pls keep the good job umumgba

Amanda from USA wrote on May 27. 2006, 09:33:
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I like this Website! I put it in my favorites! Gabby's awesome! ~Amanda

chantelle Backhaus from USA wrote on May 26. 2006, 09:56:
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i have one cocker

Tim Weimer from United Kingdom wrote on May 24. 2006, 07:58:
Great site
Great conversions
Lovely dog
Many thanks

hilbert brice from USA wrote on May 8. 2006, 05:48:
E-mail: hilby27 at
love the web site iam a rn. the nursing site is excellent can i access it from any where

Albert from USA wrote on May 5. 2006, 11:31:
Good design you have here.

pajero owner from Colombia wrote on May 2. 2006, 15:27:
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great conversion chart

terry from Thailand wrote on May 1. 2006, 13:01:
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Nice dog you have.

Sakura mother from Japan wrote on April 21. 2006, 21:37:
You, linked my home page. The many people come to my home page with favor. Truly thank you. I link your home page.

Charles House from Canada wrote on April 16. 2006, 12:02:
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Happy Easter.
Thankyou i am a single dad cooking a ham and i needed to convert kgs to pounds and now i know have a nice day god bless.
Charles J House.

donna from USA wrote on April 8. 2006, 21:22:
E-mail: donnarn7994 at
Your website is totally awesome. The calculators and formulas come in very handy when having to take those stupid tests for new jobs. Again, thanks a million!
P.S. Gabby is beautiful. I used to have a solid black cocker spaniel. Now I have 2 registered persians and 5 new kittens about a week old (if anyone might be interested, lol)!

gabby from USA wrote on April 5. 2006, 21:21:

wodka from Germany wrote on April 2. 2006, 07:04:
mortal kombat ist the best

Alex from USA wrote on March 31. 2006, 12:59:
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I love it this a most simply and easiest tool for work

Gary from USA wrote on March 31. 2006, 10:05:
Hi ! Like this book.

Quentin from Australia wrote on March 30. 2006, 03:45:
I'm a high school student, and the converters have been very helpful! =)

sophie from United Kingdom wrote on March 29. 2006, 11:39:
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the pichers are very nice and i have a english cocker .
would you like to see some pichers of are dogs?

York nursing students from Canada wrote on March 27. 2006, 09:38:
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Dude cool webpage. We are sittting in class and had a contest to see who could find the information the fastest. Due to your cool webpage, we won candy.
York nursing students

Sara from USA wrote on March 27. 2006, 08:40:
Just found your website! I love it! I could really use alot of this information at work. I just might have to get a palm device and download to have it available at work! Thanks for all your work.

Sandra Morris from USA wrote on March 26. 2006, 22:56:
I found your site because I needed to convert CM to inches and was delighted to find pictures of your dog. It was great fun! Plus I found the letters regarding Netflix to be very true.
Thank you!

Toby from Germany wrote on March 25. 2006, 19:27:
E-mail: toby at
great to know more about the lance-rockets.
a friend used to operate with it in
northern germany in the early nineties.
greetings from kiel/germany

Dan Bridge from USA wrote on March 21. 2006, 22:57:
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Hello there. Nice webpage you have created here. I truly enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing.

Gabby And Emily from USA wrote on March 13. 2006, 18:03:
E-mail: Nr1besty at Bellsouth.Net
My name is Gabby too But I Am Human [maybe]

Matthew Rall from USA wrote on March 10. 2006, 14:26:
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First MOS in US Army was 13N10, LanceMissile Crewmember.
Went to school in Ft. Sill, then stationed in Weisbaden,Germany, Camp Peri. Miss that place!!! Germany was simply amazing. Greatest memories ever for me.
Unit was deactivated and everyone scattered. Lots headed back to Ft. Sill...where I was a lifeguard at the Rinehardt Fitness Center. Went home 6 mos. later.
Loved working with the Lance system...hated to see it go.
--- 1991-92, Camp Peri. ---

Julie from USA wrote on March 5. 2006, 20:48:
Excellent resource for nursing students.

barbara from USA wrote on February 20. 2006, 13:30:
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Got so enthused about telling you about my Daisy...forgot the real reason I went to your's great, I will be a frequent do good work! Thank you!

barbara from USA wrote on February 20. 2006, 13:27:
E-mail: barbara at
loved Gaby's story and pics.....just got a 5 yr old champagne cocker spaniel, her name is Daisy. She's the custest ever! She's sweet and has a great personality....she loves her pig ears, no, she's obsessed with her pig ears. She loves cats....go figure! She loves to have her tummy rubbed and to get groomed....lots of that happening and she's a chow hound and her favorite food is also roast beef and chicken.....I think that's a universal dog thing. Now that I know a cocker....I would never be without one and I hope Daisy will be with me for a very, very long time. I can tell that you adore Gaby too, Gaby looks like a very loved and special cocker.

Micheal from Canada wrote on February 15. 2006, 13:12:
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I really enjoyed looking at your site, I found it very helpful indeed, keep up the good work. Warm regards Micheal

Kim Pillivant from USA wrote on February 13. 2006, 08:10:
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Hey Manny,
I looked through your web page and Gabby's of course. Especially liked the note on Why Dogs roll in Poop. Didnt get to browse through all of it so I will look again.
See you at work my friend.
Kim Pillivant

Peteza1 from USA wrote on February 12. 2006, 14:13:
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Thanks for providing much useful information.

Sue Hersey from USA wrote on February 12. 2006, 11:01:
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Hello, I stumbled across your website while looking for cocker spaniel gifts. I have a cocker that looks just like yours named Dusty. He's 4 years old and I'm having a problem with getting his weight under control. How did you get yours to lose weight? He is adorable and I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of him.
Sue from North Carolina

Lana and "Rosco" from USA wrote on February 11. 2006, 17:31:
E-mail: ktownnurse at
We enjoyed your pictures. Rosco is 9 years old. I guess it's a dog thing- he's wild about squirrels, too!!!!!!
In love with cockers, Lana

Kristine from USA wrote on February 10. 2006, 12:13:
E-mail: seakristine at
Hi Gabby: You are a handsome fellow, and I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I especially liked the decisive action you most properly took against that thieving squirrel!
Manuel: I found this portion of your website by searching for Netflix problems, but as a CNA, I found your article on Duo-Derm use quite helpful.

Brittany Arnett from USA wrote on January 27. 2006, 22:27:
E-mail: Skip11 at hotmail .com
these pic look just like my dog did he died about a month ago he wasn't even a year old. I miss him so much, wish he was still here but thanks for letting me remember him like i am now.

Jair from USA wrote on January 25. 2006, 19:36:
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The only thing I like about this site is the converter.

Cpl Joe Benedict from USA wrote on January 24. 2006, 19:34:
E-mail: jbenedict967 at
V- I was stationed with you in Svc 1/32, remember it like yesterday. If you want, I can send you some pics of the kaserne or the track or something. w/b

marge strickland from USA wrote on January 11. 2006, 14:31:
E-mail: mcsbirds at
w.b.cody 12week old buff and white cocker spaniel enjoyed your web sitr very much we fell in love with the star BUFFIE

Anishka Malcolm from Jamaica wrote on January 10. 2006, 18:58:
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these nursing calculations have been very helpful. thank u for developing this page.

Sabina from Panama wrote on January 10. 2006, 18:11:
E-mail: fontanadiluce at
me encantaria poner una foto de mis perros en esta pagina web pero no se como,me podrien enseñar?

Kim from USA wrote on January 9. 2006, 16:02:
You are a service to humanity. Thank you for the converter and your dedication to cocker spaniels. They are truly majestic creatures.

Hacksaw from USA wrote on January 8. 2006, 22:24:
E-mail: hacksaw_neb at
Here is a link to a map of Fliegerhorst.
I was stationed there 79-81 with HHB 2/75 FA.

rakel from Europe wrote on December 24. 2005, 11:59:
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pos mi perro prefe es mi perra ke se llama runa la kiero muxo bss

DAVID from USA wrote on December 15. 2005, 03:00:

d from USA signed the guestbook on December 10. 2005, 13:28.

Shiniqua from Taiwan wrote on November 19. 2005, 18:44:
yo g my homme
yo dog is trippin havin a name like gabby fo a guy
ohhh man ya-al

Brooke from United Kingdom wrote on November 19. 2005, 18:42:
What a lovely web-site. I absolutly adore cokerspanials!

Dr Prashant Bhatnagar from India wrote on November 2. 2005, 00:30:
E-mail: drprashantbhatnagar at
It is a very useful site reminding me of my Medical school days.Hope to be guided more in future.

dan from United Kingdom wrote on October 30. 2005, 11:58:
ahahaha my sis is caled gabby thanx 4 makin the page

Mark from USA wrote on October 25. 2005, 15:44:
Thanks. Used your cm to inches converter while writing a paper on wearable computers.

Maddi and Mercedes from USA wrote on October 15. 2005, 08:09:
E-mail: maddisonave at
I was looking around at Gabby's site, and Gabby is so lucky to have a parent who's so proud of him! I just adopted my first cocker spaniel, a buff and white american with blue eyes named Mercedes as a little sister for my rottie. She is the apple of her brothers eye and the song inide my heart, and I hope to be as close with her as you are with Gabby. Good luck to you both!
Maddi, Mercedes and Boomer

Anthony Hester from USA wrote on September 22. 2005, 20:41:
E-mail: hesterav at
We have a seven year old Cocket that we rescuded from the local dump. Our Vet says he is full blooded. He is Bluff and has a personality that we adore. Although he has bitten me twice (over food and bones) I do love him so. I'd love to send you some photos. We dont have a URL home page. But that is a thought...May I will set one up. feel free to resdpond.

Don Carlson from USA wrote on September 19. 2005, 11:15:
E-mail: dlcarlson at
Friday, September 16th, we had to put our Buffy to sleep. Friday was also her 13th birthday. We postponed the inevitable as long as we could. A sad and lonely weekend for Bev and me. Our Buffy had a great loving and caring home. She was always with us. Everyone and all strangers loved her also. Made many trips to Arizona and loved to travel anywhere in our motor home. She was always happy in our huge yard. Buffy was happy always and made us verry happy. She was our baby and kid. I would love to find a very young Buffy to try to possibly take the place of our Buffy. I don’t know if that could even be possible. A sad time for Don and Bev Carlson in Superior Wisconsin.

Robin Park from USA wrote on September 19. 2005, 10:55:
I loved looking at your pic's and it is so refreshing to see someone who loves their pets as much as we do.
Gabby is a lovely boy!
Best regards,

flavio macedo from Brazil wrote on September 16. 2005, 18:38:
E-mail: flias2001 at
the reason i am writing is because i saw on the this site that you were able to dowload video from vl-nz100 camera to your pc. i am trying to do the same, however my windows xp does not recoginize my DV port (it works fine when i download pictures). i am using dv-usb cable.
ayway, how did you do it? what cable/driver you use?

Karoline from USA wrote on September 16. 2005, 03:42:
E-mail: jeans87 at
Thanks for the website. It has been very useful in my daily life when I need to measure my cloth and stuff. Keep up the great work and take care.

Henry Eryn from USA signed the guestbook on September 15. 2005, 17:11.
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Jasmine from India wrote on September 15. 2005, 15:53:

henry eryn from USA wrote on September 6. 2005, 18:29:
E-mail: henryeryn at
Hi, I'm Henry and my parents are looking for information about how to keep me out of the cat's litter box. This isn't something I want to stop but it seems to really pee off my parents. My litter box addiction keeps me in my kennel cage when they're away so maybe I should seek some professional help. What do you think?

Barbara Sigg from USA wrote on August 27. 2005, 15:03:
E-mail: bsigg643 at
I love your website. Your dog looks very much like my Zoehy.
Soooooooo cute.Thanks for sharing.

melvyn maunder from United Kingdom wrote on August 13. 2005, 06:43:
E-mail: gizzymodo at
Great site but saddened by the cruelty to the 2 dogs.

j. amargo from USA wrote on August 5. 2005, 09:21:
Thanks for the website. I like the lance missile info and the nursing caculations... a big help anytime!

Marcella from Canada wrote on August 4. 2005, 09:55:
E-mail: aless at
Your nursing calculations are great. Nice layout. I have told students in nursing to check out your site.
I am a dog lover as well. Gabby is adorable. Beautiful pictures.
Very best to you and yours.

christopher hinder from Australia wrote on August 2. 2005, 03:40:
E-mail: chinder7 at
Hellow everyone, I am a 1st year bachelor of nursing student and although I am having some difficulties with my exam results, I have not lost sight of my intentions to be writting here today. Practice make perfect hey.

Bárbara from Argentina wrote on July 30. 2005, 10:35:
E-mail: Barbara_66lp at
Hola como andan me llamo barbara y me dicen barbi bueno chau..Como ustedes quieran me pueden decir barbara o barbi saben bueno los quiero mucho a todos chau.Yson muy bonitoslos perritos me encantan muchos los perros los gatos.

Bárbara from Argentina wrote on July 30. 2005, 10:34:
E-mail: Barbara_66lp at
Hola como andan me llamo barbara y me dicen barbi bueno chau..

Nkanyiso Hadebe from United Kingdom wrote on July 26. 2005, 16:15:
E-mail: nkanyiso at
Thanks a lot, very helpful website.

Brian Stephens from USA wrote on July 25. 2005, 14:15:
E-mail: stephens_b at
I liked the Lance Page. I was a gunner for 1st Fire, Bravo Battery, 1st Bn., 32nd Field Artillery. I was on Fliegerhorst Kaserne from 1989-1991. Sadly, however, on my second to last day the unit changed from the 41st Field Artillery Brigade to a Spearhead unit (3rd Armored Division). I know within a year of my departure the unit went to Ft. Sill.
My unit fired twice in Crete. In '89 I was a fin-slapper and in '90 I gunned it. 1st Fire included in '89 Lt. Chuck Watkins, SSG Lee, Sgt. Bob Sterba, Sgt. Max Brooks, SPC Rick Kilbride, SPC Volner, SPC James Mason, PFC Mike Evans, PFC Reynaldo Garza (Garzaba or Garzilla), and me. In '90 we fired with 2nd Lt. Mark Garrett (Texas A&M), SFC Michael A. Smith, Sgt. Bob (Sterba), Sgt. Killer (Kilbride), the Evbo (SPC Evans), me, "Don Juan de la Dave" Escobedo, "Dug" Minutes, and PVT Kain ("Call me Tony"-later AWOL and discharged prematurely), not to mention, SPC Cook from Service Battery who filled in where we were short of crewmembers.
In '91 I was too short and did not go to Crete. Also we had just merged with 3/12 formerly of Aschaffenburg.
It was fun!

Karen L. McLachlan from USA wrote on July 21. 2005, 22:52:
E-mail: cockereclipse at

Massimiliano Goi from Italy wrote on July 14. 2005, 07:31:
E-mail: mgoinospam at
Hy, i'm entered casually in your site, 'cause i was searching pics of spaniel.
Your sentiment about him and your devotement to your Gabby have touched me.
Some tears runned down on my eyes, because these pages remembers me my Black, a very beautiful Belgian Shepard, and my willingness to build his website.
Unfortunately I was taked too late, because he was dead this year, in january, for arthrosis commplications. He was 14 years old, maked in november 2004.
In these pages I've seen the love that you have about him, and I think that it's in the same measure that I've had for my Black.
It's so nice to see that in this world exists some person that love at this point the animals.
A sincerely and sensed kiss for your Gabby, with my best wishes for the future.

melanie from USA wrote on July 10. 2005, 08:25:
E-mail: NoctemAeternus666 at
i just looked thru all the adorable pictures of Gabby. i love his name and have been persisting my parent to get me a black cocker. any suggestions on convincing them?! well i saw all gabby's videos and he is so precious and if i get a cocker i hope shes as cute as gabby!!!
luv - melanie

barry from United Kingdom wrote on June 26. 2005, 15:16:
E-mail: barry at
what a great idea, i never thought i would find conversion table on here!
well done

kelly calvin from USA signed the guestbook on June 25. 2005, 18:01.
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terry m cederstrom from USA signed the guestbook on June 24. 2005, 00:51.
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Gretha Zoethout from Netherlands wrote on June 23. 2005, 12:58:
E-mail: miss.snits at
I am a woman who 's crazy of Amies. I have now for de 4t time an American cocker spaniel. So I want to let you know that there is no sweeter dog than a American cockerspaniel. And I will thank you for this Page.Greetings from gretha from Holland If you want to look on the page of kennel my dogs are from please look at Oeps I forgot the name of my child (doggy) is Olaf

Gretha Zoethout from Netherlands wrote on June 23. 2005, 12:56:
E-mail: miss.snits at
I am a woman who 's crazy of Amies. I have now for de 4t time an American cocker spaniel. So I want to let you know that there is no sweeter dog than a American cockerspaniel. And I will thank you for this Page.Greetings from gretha from Holland If you want to look on the page of kennel my dogs are from please look at

Emory from USA wrote on June 22. 2005, 18:23:
Awesome web page! I have a 1 year old, golden cocker myself. They are the sweetest dogs in the world! Mine's name is Henry. He's not as curly as the ones in your pictures but he's still a beautiful dog!Nice talking with you!

Amyki from USA wrote on June 21. 2005, 09:37:
E-mail: akashortki at
I love your doggy Abby, sooooooo cute! I'm going to be putting in a profile on my cocker spaniel "Yuki" soon. Great web page, love it.

Arun kumar from India wrote on June 20. 2005, 06:01:
E-mail: samurun at
very good

Ray O'Doherty from Ireland wrote on June 15. 2005, 12:13:
E-mail: raymond1 at
Hi there,
Just taking the plunge into looking at getting a Cocker after a lovely experience with a Golden Retriever. We're hoping to get our cocker in 2 weeks time.
I enjoyed your site. Retrievers are my big love but they're just too big for my house in Dublin so a Cocker seems the ideal canditate.
Your photo album is lovely. The American Cocker seems different to what we have here in Ireland. Seems a bigger, fuller dog.
Gabby seems to love the camera and exudes a "joi de vive" that leaps off the screen.
Thanks again,

Lindsay from USA wrote on June 4. 2005, 13:07:
Hey Gabby my name is Lindsay And I have a cocker spaniel named sammy you and sammy have a lot of things in common Sammy doesn't like chasing squirrels though but if you and him were friends I bet he would sammy likes making friends But talk to ya later Bye sammy says bye too

Deborah Grizich, RN from USA signed the guestbook on June 1. 2005, 09:38.
E-mail: dgrizich at

Thomas Philipose from India wrote on May 28. 2005, 02:51:
E-mail: tphilipose at
I found the conversion of Pound to Kilograms and vice versa
very useful.

nat from USA wrote on May 27. 2005, 11:45:
ur so cute!!!! Muah! God Bless U!!!!!

trucly nguyen from USA wrote on May 24. 2005, 22:54:
I had used your page to practive upcoming test for a job that I applied. thanks

bryan from USA wrote on May 22. 2005, 21:38:
hey serched for "neutron bomb" on google and found your site

karen from USA wrote on May 17. 2005, 22:45:
Got a kick out of Gabby and the squirrel! Typical cocker spaniel....stare at something for a very long time and then decide it is time to act. My buff cocker does the same thing. She also barks at weird things like Gabby and the stick. She won't let a balloon into the house! Thanks for the cute pics and videos.

Linda Adams from USA wrote on May 16. 2005, 15:57:
Gabby is soooo cute! I used to have a blonde cocker named Muffin. He was the light of my life. We were best friends...dare I say, soul mates?? I was closer to Muffy than anybody else(human or animal) I've ever known, even my husband. Muffy died of kidney failure August 21, 1997, at the age of 11 years old. I have had several dogs since Muffy, but none will ever take his place. When I get another dog, it will be a cocker. Love Gabby with all your heart (I know you do).

Julie Conner from USA wrote on May 10. 2005, 07:36:
E-mail: jconnerdc at
I came across Gabby's website while looking for other info... We currently have a five year old black cocker (Solomon...his birthday is today!) and a two year old sable cocker (Simon). Two years ago we lost our 14 year old black cocker Shadow. Shadow tore his ACL when he was 11 years old and luckily he had the ligament replaced and all was well with him. I'm SO sorry to hear of Gabby's surgeries and difficult recoveries. I will keep him in my prayers. Cockers are the most loving and loyal friends! It sounds like he is feeling much better now. It's great to find someone else who loves their cocker spaniel so much!
Take care and think positive!

Christie from USA wrote on May 8. 2005, 23:57:
E-mail: breathnezr at
Wow- came across this site while looking for a cheat sheet to print out- for O2 calculations :o) Great site! As a respiratory therapist, I must ask which textbook you got the calculation for O2 cylinders? ALL of my text books give the tank factor of 0.28 for an E-cylinder. Apparently, yours gave a tank factor of 0.35. This could be a critical error. Example: my calculation for an E-cylinder with 2200psi remaining (less 200 psi for minimum safety)while transporting a patient for a CT scan on 10 lpm:
2200psi -200psi (safety) x 0.28 (tank factor)
10 lpm
= 56
your calculator said 69 minutes... a difference of 13 minutes, which could have fatal consequences.
I would however, love to know how to design a similar calculator with different tank factors. If you are willing to share, I would be very grateful. Thank you very much :o)

Marbs from United Kingdom wrote on May 8. 2005, 14:28:
E-mail: marbsam at
I liked the calculator thing. please visit my site at

Betsy from Lebanon wrote on May 8. 2005, 04:14:
E-mail: betsy at
I like your cooker spaneil page.

Charles from USA wrote on May 4. 2005, 19:58:
E-mail: crichey456 at
Sorry about the long email. Nice tools on your site. I love the videos of your pooch. I want to do the same thing for my parrot's site.

Gracie & SAM AM I (fellow american cocker) from USA wrote on April 29. 2005, 11:37:
E-mail: GRuiz74 at
I think Gabby has beautiful soulful eyes. I will definately be returning to this site to make sure he is doing better. Our thoughts are with him and pray for a full recovery!

Terri from Canada wrote on April 18. 2005, 20:59:
I am so sorry to hear about Gabby's struggle with the TPLO surgery and the apparent misleading data you received from your surgeon. I am hopeful that your new surgeon will guide you through the next stage of Gabby's recovery with success. My 4 year old boxer had TPLO on April 14 and is doing amazing well, with the expection that he now appears to be struggling with anxiety at being left in his crate, we are hoping it's the meds - the patch comes off tomorrow. I wish you, your wife and Gabby great success. Thank you for keeping us updated, good luck and be strong. You are amazing for loving your dog as you do, there should be more people in the world that care the way you do. All the best - Terri

Denise Shively from USA wrote on April 15. 2005, 16:42:
E-mail: desertratz05 at
I am in nursing school right now(graduate in Nov.) I am 44 yrs old and it has been a VERY long time since I have had to do math other than balancing my checkbook W/calculator. Our Instructor does not allow us to use calculators. I get lost when I have to do the long division by hand and using Ratio & Porportions forget get about it!!!. Do you have any tips for me?

lindsay lohan from Europe wrote on April 11. 2005, 22:17:
hi i needed help on my mw and my friends told me 2 come 2 this website 4 help i hope you'll see my movie thats coming out on june 24,2005 love you
-lindsay lohan

Jim Russell from USA wrote on April 10. 2005, 07:27:
Thanks for having this site. Helped me figure things out!

Maureen and the boys from Canada wrote on March 28. 2005, 11:23:
Oh Manual and Gabby so sorry to hear of this second operation. I am saying prayers all will be well this time.

Nicholas Cokervich Nobarkoff from USA wrote on March 25. 2005, 00:51:
E-mail: deborah at
URL: http://
Psst, Gabby... see if they'll let you take your pills with Ice Cream. I like strawberry! Get well soon! Nicholai

Debra Whitt from USA signed the guestbook on March 16. 2005, 21:19.
E-mail: dlwhitt1031 at

Kami Fletcher/ Sprague from USA wrote on March 13. 2005, 12:59:
E-mail: kraftykami at
Hello Manuel ~ I don't know if you remember me, but I was going through the Rocky Ridge Sites and I a came across your web page. I thought wow is this the Manuel from Rocky Ridge school who got in trouble w/ me in Mrs. Dryers class. I scanned down & found your Army photo. Wow it sure is & you look the same as you did when we were kids. I just wanted to say Hi. Reading your Bio I noticed your grandma passed away on the day my first son was born. A small world & how life goes on. All the best to you, your wife & dog. I live in Ferndale, MI. Kami the blonde girl who lived on Kolb Rd. w/ horses & goats.
>>Manuel writes: I do remember! Thanks for writing!

Sandy Middlemas from USA wrote on March 11. 2005, 16:17:
E-mail: sandyathome at
Gabby is adorable! I just sent some St. Patty's Day cards and my friends have written back to say that Gabby's sweet face made their day. We have three cocker kids ourselves [Sally (buff), Katie (chocolate) & Holly (black)] and have had two go to The Bridge [Sebastian (blonde) & Belle (black)] so we know how these little 'wigglebutts' steal your heart!!
Have a great weekend and Happy St. Patty's Day from all of us in the mountains of western North Carolina ;-)

Deborah Hill from USA wrote on March 3. 2005, 21:29:
E-mail: deborahdhill at
Presently living in NV. Was an Army medic from 1985-1989. Was in Germany, both Frankfurt and Hanau from 97-89 and 90-92. I am currently taking a Pharmacy Tech class which led me to your site. It's pretty dam cool, thatnks!
deb h

Sakura from Japan wrote on February 28. 2005, 06:59:
I enjoyed a lot of pictures of Gabby.
Thank you.

Susan from USA wrote on February 24. 2005, 22:24:
E-mail: sdefor58 at
Great Pictures, I adore cocker spaniels

Vicky Flanagan from USA wrote on February 23. 2005, 10:53:
E-mail: searchparty at
Enjoyed my visit very much!
Must remember to hide away the sprinkler. :o)
Many thanks

Dave Gilreath from USA wrote on February 21. 2005, 17:10:
E-mail: tndgilreat at

Hercules Gaither from USA wrote on February 20. 2005, 16:37:
E-mail: BMatrigali at
Hi Gabby,
I'm one of your "My Cocker Spaniel" guys. Looks like you are doing so much better. I want you to listen to your Mommy and Daddy so you will have a full recovery. I know you will.
Aren't you cold when you go out in that Michigan weather without a coat?
Look forward to reading your journal and wish you all the best.
Your pal,

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