Gabby's Discharge Instructions

Diagnosis: Cranial cruciate rupture in the right stifle

Surgery Performed: The right tibial plateau was cut, rotated and fixed in place with a bone plate to stabilize the knee.  The medial meniscus was intact.

Convalescent Period: By 10 to 14 days, Gabby should be placing weight on the operated limb.  From this point on, the lameness will gradually resolve.  By 4 months after surgery Gabby should be using the limb very well.  Please call if does not convalesce as stated above.


  1. Fentanyl patch: This is a clear plastic patch applied to Gabby's skin for relief of discomfort.  Remove the patch in 3 days, place it in a plastic bag and return it at the time of the recheck examination.  Do not allow pets or people to lick, eat or chew the patch because this may result in intoxication.
  2. Metacam - continue as previously prescribed for 14 days.
  3. Eukanuba plus dog food: This is a complete diet that has been formulated for dogs with arthritis.  This diet contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and anti-oxidants which all work to offset signs associated with arthritis.  This is a prescription diet that may be obtained at Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital or MVS if needed.
  4. Glucosamine/chondroitin - continue as previously for lifetime therapy.

Exercise and Physical Therapy: Limit activity to very short leash walks for bowel and urinary purposes for 8 weeks.  Never leave Gabby off the leash outside.  Do not allow jumping, climbing stairs, or roughhousing with other pets or people.  Also avoid slippery surfaces like wood or linoleum floors.  Strenuous activity can breakdown the surgical repair, preventing successful recovery.  Place a cold pack on the knee 3 times daily for 10-minute sessions for 3 days after surgery.  A plastic bag of frozen corn or peas makes a good cold pack.  On the 4th day after surgery begin to flex and extend the knee 20 repetitions, 3 times daily, follow with 10-minute cold pack.  Do not push the exercise to the point of discomfort.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us.  Physical rehabilitation is recommended for optimal results.  If you wish to pursue a consultation for physical rehabilitation, it can be arranged at the 2-week recheck examination

Incision: Please check the incision daily for redness, swelling, pain or discharge.  Please call if any of these are noted.  Do not allow Gabby to lick the incision.  If this occurs please obtain an Elizabethan collar from Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital or MVS.  Another option is to place bitter apple solution around the incision.  Gabby should return to Dr. Jackson in 2 weeks to check the incision.  There are no external sutures to be removed.  The next recheck will be complete at 8 weeks from the date of surgery.  At that time x-rays will be taken to check healing of the bone.  Yearly x-rays should be taken to monitor arthritis.

Prognosis:  Gabby has a very good chance to return to very good function on the operated limb.  Arthritis is already present in the knee and as a result, may experience stiffness associated with heavy exercise or weather changes.  The surgery will help minimize this.  The joint supplements, occasional anti-inflammatory medications and weight management can also help alleviate the effects of arthritis.

Additional instructions:  If you have any questions please call.  We are a 24-hour facility and there is always someone available to answer your call.

gabby's recovery journal