Unresponsive, not breathing; pulse present or absent
Secondary ABCD Survey

  • Intubate as soon as possible
  • Confirm tube placement; use 2 methods to confirm:
    • Use primary physical exam criteria plus
    • Use secondary confirmation device (end-tidal CO2; EDD)
  • Secure tracheal tube (TT):
    • Prevent dislogment with commercially made TT holders, which are recommeded over tape-and-tie approaches
    • If patient is at risk for transport movement, cervical collar and backboard are recommended
  • Confirm initial oxygenation and ventilation:
    • End-tidal CO2 monitor
    • Oxygen saturation monitor
  • Oxygen, IV, monitor, fluids rhythm-appropriate medications
  • Vital signs: Temp, BP, HR, respirations
  • Consider differential diagnosis